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PH: 843-521-7955

Buy brand viagra australia - Welt online viagra

We are only able to be at our Spring Island home occasionally, but we are comforted to have Rob Boyd there to remedy any issues.  We met him when we bought our home in 2012 – he had helped build it.  His references were outstanding and he certainly has lived up to them.  He communicates well, does quality work in a timely fashion for a fair price.  With us living 800 miles north, we have no worries with Rob taking care of our Spring home. ~ A Darr

Rob and his crew did an outstanding job under difficult circumstances.  They did a high quality job, on time and under budget.  ~ C. Manker

I would highly recommend Rob Boyd and his company Palm Coast Contracting. The quality of their work was first rate. Their attention to detail, their design capability and their construction expertise was outstanding . The team was thoroughly professional and the end result was better than we expected. Our project was completed on time and within budget.

We interviewed Rob with five other contractors. He was prompt, attentive and thorough. Rob and the team worked well with ideas that were planned as well as ideas that were just sketched out . He created a beautiful result.

Rob and the team have a fine understanding about design, customer service and are first rate craftsmen. Many of Rob’s excellent ideas about cabinetry could have been purchased off the shelves but since we were dealing with a previous built building, all of the woodwork was custom built. His team of sub contractors are also professionals- roofers, electricians, plumbers and HVAC specialists.

If we had to build or renovate another house, we would do it all again with Rob Boyd and Palm Coast Contracting.

Anne and Archie Gwathmey
Spring Island, SC


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